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August 2015

Celebrating Three Years of Mixte, Kauai Style

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On March 2, 2015, Mixte celebrated its third birthday. Jamie presented each of us with a present of our own – as if working for Mixte for three years wasn’t enough of a gift. The piece of paper read,

“To celebrate our three years and your contributions, I introduce you to the Mixte Adventure Challenge. By August 2015, I’d like for each of you to take one paid day of vacation to have your own Mixte Adventure. You can do anything you’d like. You can volunteer. You can travel. You can take a class. You simply have to choose your own adventure and write about it for our blog.
Thank you for everything you do for Mixte.”

The world was my oyster, and much like this blog, I didn’t know how to begin. So I’m going to do what my friend Lucas suggests, just as the way I began my adventure:

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