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September 2015

Toxic-Free Communications: EHC and Mixte’s Partnership for Justice

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Environmental justice, social justice: Two terms that most people wouldn’t think of when they think of San Diego, yet two terms that define a movement of people in our backyards.Two terms I’ve become incredibly familiar with since I began working with Environmental Health Coalition almost three years ago. Two terms that have changed the way I look at the world, forever.

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Mixte’s Extension-of-Staff Communications: What Is It and Why Do Our Clients Love It?

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We’re so effective, you just may think we’re on your payroll. And that’s why we love our extension-of-staff communications services. Truth is, no one else offers this service to support small- to medium-sized businesses in San Diego and Orange County. It makes sense that we get a ton of questions about the model, how it works and why we’re a good fit for you. We know you’re curious, so we thought we’d answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

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My First Bike Commute, Part II: “It’s really not that bad.”

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The day for the first bike commute finally came. Google maps said it would take an hour and fifteen minutes, but I decided 45 would be plenty. It was mostly downhill, and hearing the ride described as, “really not that bad” over and over again, I figured I could beat the average time. I wasn’t worried. (Spoiler alert: I should’ve been worried.)

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Mixte Presents: Bike To and From Work Day

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Ah, Bike To Work Day — Mixte’s favorite holiday. With our new office space and more Mixte-ers than ever before, we decided to step up our Bike To Work game. We hosted a pit stop at our office. We gave out cinnamon rolls and fresh mugs of coffee. And, we launched San Diego’s only Bike From Work event. Safe to say May 27 was one for the Mixte books.

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My Coaster Commute: “That Girl with the Green Bike”

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The color of my bike is green. Not just any green– bright, lime green. I’ve never been a big fan of green, but I’ve always been an impulse shopper and the color looked better than the pinks, baby blues and bright oranges that surrounded it more than a year ago. After two weeks living in California and a small amount of money in my bank account, I bought a gigantic green beach cruiser.

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