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February 2016

Let’s Plant Free Food Everywhere, It’s Good For San Diego Public Relations

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San Diego public relations free food garden

Mixte Communications, a San Diego public relations agency, has a free food garden planted on the sidewalk outside our office. It is one of the results of Jamie’s three-year Mixte anniversary present to her employees: $300 and an extra vacation day to go on an adventure.

Now, anyone can grab a cherry tomato off the vine or a snack of arugula as they walk by. But more importantly, our neighborhood gets the taste of a new idea: planting free food in public space that belongs to everyone.

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A Case for Public Relations in the San Diego Surf Industry

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Surfing, in all its grace and simple glory, has gracefully and simply changed my life.

As a swimmer and a lifeguard, I’ve always harbored a deep appreciation for the ocean. I’ve helped people ages four through 70 learn to swim and overcome a fear of the water. I spend my days working with organizations that protect our precious coastline (San Diego Coastkeeper, Orange County Coastkeeper, Los Angeles WaterkeeperSurfrider Foundation) and I think the world could learn a lot from them – but that’s another blog post.

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SANDAG’s Platinum Diamond Award: How Every San Diego Business Can Win One For Their Commuter Programs

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It’s true that I still talk about my 2013 Commuter of the Year Diamond Award as if I won it yesterday. I’m like the burned out, overweight dad of three who still talks about his triumphant year as a quarter back in high school. It’s these moments, where we reach the pinnacle of our achievements, that set the bar for all things that come afterwards. I thought I had reached that pinnacle until early this year when SANDAG’s iCommute program honored Mixte Communications with a Platinum Diamond Award for our commuter program.

I might have set a new bar.

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