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Does This Environmental Footprint Make My Butt Look Big?

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The Blog On How To Use Our Egos and Insecurities To Change Public Behavior

People are smart. We have an impressive ability to look at a complex idea and determine if the logic behind it is sound. In the past, many health and environmental public relations efforts attempting to change our behavior have wrongfully assumed that because people are so smart, the following strategy will work.

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Let’s Plant Free Food Everywhere, It’s Good For San Diego Public Relations

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San Diego public relations free food garden

Mixte Communications, a San Diego public relations agency, has a free food garden planted on the sidewalk outside our office. It is one of the results of Jamie’s three-year Mixte anniversary present to her employees: $300 and an extra vacation day to go on an adventure.

Now, anyone can grab a cherry tomato off the vine or a snack of arugula as they walk by. But more importantly, our neighborhood gets the taste of a new idea: planting free food in public space that belongs to everyone.

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My First Bike Commute, Part II: “It’s really not that bad.”

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The day for the first bike commute finally came. Google maps said it would take an hour and fifteen minutes, but I decided 45 would be plenty. It was mostly downhill, and hearing the ride described as, “really not that bad” over and over again, I figured I could beat the average time. I wasn’t worried. (Spoiler alert: I should’ve been worried.)

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Mixte “Dogfooding”

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The Silicon Valley tech community has a funny term: “dogfooding.” It’s a shortened version of the phrase, “eating your own dog food,” and no, it doesn’t refer to a trading out soup and salad for kibbles and bits. In a nutshell, it refers to practicing what you preach. For Silicon Valley software companies, this means using the software they create. For Mixte, it means a little more.

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