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I’m White – And I Stand for Justice

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This week, I sent the below email to the team at San Diego Organizing Project — the same week of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. We had just spent 1.5 hours of staff meeting discussing the role people who are white have in acknowledging their privilege – and how little it’s done. From there, the conversation turned into how we would host a press conference in two days where interfaith leaders would unite and denounce racism and white supremacy in San Diego County.

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The Heart of the Matter (Hearts for What Matters)

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Today, The United States gets a new president. I see people expressing trauma and tragedy – for good reason. I think of all the values Mixte represents, the work we do and all the people who continue to experience oppression. Feelings of sadness are more than justified, but I don’t want us to feel helpless anymore.

(Thanks for the beautiful photo above at Shaper Studios, Pierce Kavanaugh.) 

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Why I Gave Up My Car for a Year With My Bike (Hey Thanks New Belgium Brewing)

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(Photo credit: The fantastic Ryan of

It wasn’t what I thought was going to happen that Tuesday. I thought it was just a normal day of getting awesome media coverage for the San Diego Bike Coalition and my favorite local bike shop, Hub + Spoke Cycleworks. We met the news station at 5:30 a.m. to talk about Tour de Fat – New Belgium Brewing’s wacky biking-riding, beer-drinking, music-playing carnival that rolls through San Diego every September – and after the camera crew left, I got inspired.

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Mixte and LA Waterkeeper Celebrate #SUP4cleanwater

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Any PR company will get you media for your event. That’s what PR companies do.

But how many PR companies will get you awesome media for your event? How many PR companies will drive three hours to manage several TV segments beginning at 4:20 a.m.? How many PR companies will spend an entire Saturday devoted to navigating interspersed reporters and media inquires? And how many PR companies will, while at your event, spontaneously spring into action when a crisis appears, effectively strategizing for all media and social media communication in the moment?

Only one.

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Mixte Goes to D.C. for the National Bike Summit

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Should San Diego be one of the top cities for biking in the country? Yes. With 70 and sunny littering the “weather” reports, a remarkable coastline and some of the best sightseeing in the country, San Diego seems to have a natural place at the top of the bike-friendly-city list.

Is San Diego one of the top cities for biking in the country? Unfortunately, far from it.

Mixte went to Washington, D.C. with the San Diego County Bike Coalition for the nation’s premiere bike advocacy conference, The National Bike Summit, to find out why and how to fix it.

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