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Biking to a healthier work-lifestyle in Public Relations  

Biking to a healthier work-lifestyle in Public Relations  

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I can’t recall a time when my family wasn’t struggling with weight. My first memory of dieting is from my middle school years. I distinctly remember my mom singing the benefits of one slice of bread filled with an entire pack of those paper-thin slices of fake sandwich meat. I remember the year that my dad’s mom came to live with us, and our entire family gained 10 pounds each (I can’t remember if it was from the stress or the eternally full bowl of M&Ms).

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We’re a barely-for-profit business on a mission to change the world and led by values

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Since our inception in 2012, we’ve stood for values that clearly define who we are as a company. It’s true that not very often, if ever at all, have I actually been asked what our values are.

This is because we put into action our values through our company culture, by carefully curating our client list, by pushing our clients to do better in the community and by the actions we take as a staff. Through our actions we define our values clearly enough that it’s obvious to the world at large.

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SANDAG’s Platinum Diamond Award: How Every San Diego Business Can Win One For Their Commuter Programs

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It’s true that I still talk about my 2013 Commuter of the Year Diamond Award as if I won it yesterday. I’m like the burned out, overweight dad of three who still talks about his triumphant year as a quarter back in high school. It’s these moments, where we reach the pinnacle of our achievements, that set the bar for all things that come afterwards. I thought I had reached that pinnacle until early this year when SANDAG’s iCommute program honored Mixte Communications with a Platinum Diamond Award for our commuter program.

I might have set a new bar.

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Memoirs of a Cyclist: What I Wish I Knew 12 Years Ago

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So, I’ve competed in a half Ironman. I’ve ridden my bicycle through Turkey, Morocco, Spain and down the Pacific Coast. I’m recognized as a Commuter of the Year in San Diego County. But I when I first started riding a bicycle as an adult, I had to ask a friend for help.

Looking back over 12 years of riding, there are some things I wish I would have known. Here’s some advice on how to get started – even if it means giving me a call to ride with you the first time.

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Mixte’s Extension-of-Staff Communications: What Is It and Why Do Our Clients Love It?

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We’re so effective, you just may think we’re on your payroll. And that’s why we love our extension-of-staff communications services. Truth is, no one else offers this service to support small- to medium-sized businesses in San Diego and Orange County. It makes sense that we get a ton of questions about the model, how it works and why we’re a good fit for you. We know you’re curious, so we thought we’d answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

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