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Our Inspiring Public Relations Intern: Venecia

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What was your first internship like? Mine involved a lot of sitting in a cubicle and silently willing the clock hands to move faster.

The smiling face in these photos belongs to a high school senior named Venecia. Her first internship was at Mixte, and we had a lot of fun making sure she learned more than the art of counting the passing minutes. Read More

Mixte Goes to D.C. for the National Bike Summit

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Should San Diego be one of the top cities for biking in the country? Yes. With 70 and sunny littering the “weather” reports, a remarkable coastline and some of the best sightseeing in the country, San Diego seems to have a natural place at the top of the bike-friendly-city list.

Is San Diego one of the top cities for biking in the country? Unfortunately, far from it.

Mixte went to Washington, D.C. with the San Diego County Bike Coalition for the nation’s premiere bike advocacy conference, The National Bike Summit, to find out why and how to fix it.

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SANDAG’s Platinum Diamond Award: How Every San Diego Business Can Win One For Their Commuter Programs

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It’s true that I still talk about my 2013 Commuter of the Year Diamond Award as if I won it yesterday. I’m like the burned out, overweight dad of three who still talks about his triumphant year as a quarter back in high school. It’s these moments, where we reach the pinnacle of our achievements, that set the bar for all things that come afterwards. I thought I had reached that pinnacle until early this year when SANDAG’s iCommute program honored Mixte Communications with a Platinum Diamond Award for our commuter program.

I might have set a new bar.

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My New Bike and My Longest Ride Ever

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Are you looking to get into riding a bike, but don’t know where to start? I recently transitioned from my trusty— and also rusty—beach cruiser, which could really only get me around my lovely town of Ocean Beach, to a road bike, which can take you much, much further. I work for a communications company built on bicycling, so I thought it may be a good thing to do.

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Memoirs of a Cyclist: What I Wish I Knew 12 Years Ago

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So, I’ve competed in a half Ironman. I’ve ridden my bicycle through Turkey, Morocco, Spain and down the Pacific Coast. I’m recognized as a Commuter of the Year in San Diego County. But I when I first started riding a bicycle as an adult, I had to ask a friend for help.

Looking back over 12 years of riding, there are some things I wish I would have known. Here’s some advice on how to get started – even if it means giving me a call to ride with you the first time.

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My First Bike Commute, Part II: “It’s really not that bad.”

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The day for the first bike commute finally came. Google maps said it would take an hour and fifteen minutes, but I decided 45 would be plenty. It was mostly downhill, and hearing the ride described as, “really not that bad” over and over again, I figured I could beat the average time. I wasn’t worried. (Spoiler alert: I should’ve been worried.)

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