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I’m White – And I Stand for Justice

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This week, I sent the below email to the team at San Diego Organizing Project — the same week of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. We had just spent 1.5 hours of staff meeting discussing the role people who are white have in acknowledging their privilege – and how little it’s done. From there, the conversation turned into how we would host a press conference in two days where interfaith leaders would unite and denounce racism and white supremacy in San Diego County.

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Our Inspiring Public Relations Intern: Venecia

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What was your first internship like? Mine involved a lot of sitting in a cubicle and silently willing the clock hands to move faster.

The smiling face in these photos belongs to a high school senior named Venecia. Her first internship was at Mixte, and we had a lot of fun making sure she learned more than the art of counting the passing minutes. Read More

Let’s Plant Free Food Everywhere, It’s Good For San Diego Public Relations

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San Diego public relations free food garden

Mixte Communications, a San Diego public relations agency, has a free food garden planted on the sidewalk outside our office. It is one of the results of Jamie’s three-year Mixte anniversary present to her employees: $300 and an extra vacation day to go on an adventure.

Now, anyone can grab a cherry tomato off the vine or a snack of arugula as they walk by. But more importantly, our neighborhood gets the taste of a new idea: planting free food in public space that belongs to everyone.

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