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Let’s Plant Free Food Everywhere, It’s Good For San Diego Public Relations

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San Diego public relations free food garden

Mixte Communications, a San Diego public relations agency, has a free food garden planted on the sidewalk outside our office. It is one of the results of Jamie’s three-year Mixte anniversary present to her employees: $300 and an extra vacation day to go on an adventure.

Now, anyone can grab a cherry tomato off the vine or a snack of arugula as they walk by. But more importantly, our neighborhood gets the taste of a new idea: planting free food in public space that belongs to everyone.

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SANDAG’s Platinum Diamond Award: How Every San Diego Business Can Win One For Their Commuter Programs

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It’s true that I still talk about my 2013 Commuter of the Year Diamond Award as if I won it yesterday. I’m like the burned out, overweight dad of three who still talks about his triumphant year as a quarter back in high school. It’s these moments, where we reach the pinnacle of our achievements, that set the bar for all things that come afterwards. I thought I had reached that pinnacle until early this year when SANDAG’s iCommute program honored Mixte Communications with a Platinum Diamond Award for our commuter program.

I might have set a new bar.

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Refugees and Guns: A Tale of How I Spent $300 & A Vacation Day

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As you may know, in March of 2015 each Mixte team member was given a personal and important task—to spend $300 and one day off in celebration of Mixte’s three-year anniversary.

We were free to spend the time and money on ourselves, on others, on causes that engage us or simply to give ourselves some rest and relaxation. In essence, the world was our oyster, or at least to the extent that $300 and one day could buy. It was quite exciting.

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Mixte’s Humble Abode: The Heart of a Funky Beach Town

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Our office is located in the heart of Ocean Beach; a funky, definitive beach town.

Ocean Beach has its reputation — hyper-local, hippie town. That mistruth has made our neighborhood San Diego’s best kept secret.

This laid-back town should be pictured in Webster’s definition for “community.” Family-owned shops and homegrown stores with character line the streets and continue to thrive. Having a bake sale? Opening a new business? Selling art? Hosting a beach cleanup? Neighbor camaraderie and support: Guaranteed.  Read More