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C2 Education – Teaching Us To Dream Bigger

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Growing up, I saw tutoring in many forms — from my parents to my teachers, even to the older kids in my after-school program. One of my very first days at Mixte, I participated in a brainstorm that everyone seemed extremely enthusiastic about. I didn’t know what C2 Education was or what Mixte planned to do with it, but I was eager to find out. To share the excitement with my new coworkers, I realized I needed to dream big.

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Mixte Presents: Bike To and From Work Day

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Ah, Bike To Work Day — Mixte’s favorite holiday. With our new office space and more Mixte-ers than ever before, we decided to step up our Bike To Work game. We hosted a pit stop at our office. We gave out cinnamon rolls and fresh mugs of coffee. And, we launched San Diego’s only Bike From Work event. Safe to say May 27 was one for the Mixte books.

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