What was your first internship like? Mine involved a lot of sitting in a cubicle and silently willing the clock hands to move faster.

The smiling face in these photos belongs to a high school senior named Venecia. Her first internship was at Mixte, and we had a lot of fun making sure she learned more than the art of counting the passing minutes.

For a few months this spring, Venecia spent one afternoon a week at the Mixte office helping with everything from editing videos to spreading the word about our clients’ events. We enjoyed watching Venecia bring her own style and confidence to each task.

“One of my favorite things about Mixte was the fact that I didn’t have to sit at a desk unless I wanted to,” Venecia told us. “But what I love the most about Mixte is the laid-back feeling it gives to its employees…it allows them to express themselves in ways that they love.”

In spite of the many obstacles in her way, Venecia has never stopped working toward her biggest dream – to attend a four-year university. One of my favorite moments with Venecia was when she told us that she’d opened an especially big envelope and learned that her hard work had paid off. She’ll be fulfilling her dreams as a college student this fall.

As we contemplated the perfect gift to send Venecia off on the next stage of her journey, she mentioned that she was hoping to save up for a bicycle to get around her college campus. Thanks to custom work by our friends at Hub and Spoke Cycleworks, Venecia will be pedaling to and from her college classes on a shiny maroon Mixte bike.  

“Although my time with Mixte has come to an end, I know that if I ever need anything, whether it be advice or just someone to talk to, I can count on everyone at Mixte to be there for me,” says Venecia.

We can’t wait to see where her two wheels will take her next.