Our founder had a moment.

A moment on her slightly bent, very used road bike at a popular intersection in San Diego, where Jamie Hampton waited for a red light next to a Honda SUV. She didn’t own a car, yet there she sat on a roadway next to a consumer product that she promoted.

There had to be a better way.

Welcome to Mixte, a communications company based on doing business the right way with good people who want nice things for our communities. We’re grounded on simple principles that meet at the intersection of local business, community members, environmental protection, social equity, healthy living and fun.

Public relations and communications we believe in.

We believe in every single one of our clients—the advocates, the nonprofits, the small business, the startups—each improving our world and building business on the triple bottom line. We flex to meet their needs, offering an extension-of-staff communications solution created just for them. Then we get results. That’s Mixte Communications—empowering nice companies to tell their stories.

Our Company Values

Life is short. Our choices matter.

At Mixte Communications, Inc., we choose to nurture our community of San Diego and empower the people who do good. We choose to invest in the bold leaders taking action. We choose to adventure. We practice cultural humility, lift diversity and use our privileges to fight for equity. We see the potential of humankind to protect our one and only Earth, and we choose the local actions with global change. Good work takes time. In that time, happiness matters, because life is short, because we always have a choice.