Jamie Hampton, Boss Lady

Lead strategist, commuter of the year and localist.

Jamie understands both sides—the pressure facing in-house communications teams and the struggles with outside consultants—a perspective that gives her an edge in creating communication strategies for Mixte’s clients.

A believer in thinking smarter, not harder, Jamie first honed her talents through a decade of leadership in public relations and advertising agencies. She then moved in house to build the communications department for the world’s second-largest Waterkeeper organization, San Diego Coastkeeper.

Now at the helm of Mixte (previously Jamie Ortiz Communications), Jamie specializes in the development of strategies that help her teams maximize limited marketing resources. It’s the perfect combination of her creative thinking and storied experience with brands like Wilson Sporting Goods, DeMarini Bats, Electra Bicycle Company, Honda, Vet-Stem, SANDAG, SKLZ, Del Mar Racetrack, Seaport Village and others.

Want to connect with Jamie? She’s always looking for friends to join her bicycle commute. Or you can try email (Jamie@gomixte.com), cell (858-337-7466) or Twitter (@gomixte).

Mia Bolton, Healthy Living Captain

Lover of social media, surfing boards and the sea.

Mia knows that today, the core of any brand comes from its social media presence. Harnessing brands and cultivating personal connections with audiences in less than 140 characters is now a marveled skill– and Mia’s got it. She takes true joy in building social media strategies and the challenge of writing with character, purpose and flair in as few words as possible.

Mia brings vibrant creativity to the Mixte team with a keen eye for photography and passion for design. Pair this with her thorough understanding of nonprofit communications and public relations, then clip in for an action-packed adventure.

Prior to Mixte, Mia implemented and managed social media accounts for Quiksilver, Roxy, Quiksilver Women, 9:30 Club, Outsource Technical and of course, herself. When she’s not posting your most embarrassing photos you can catch her playing with surfboards or publishing stories in international surf magazine Foam Symmetry and USA Swimming’s publication, Splash Magazine. Find @mmmbolt and say hello.

Katy Lillig, Healthy Communities Captain

Coordinator of big parties, busy schedules and blissful camping trips

Katy has learned firsthand how great communications strategies can build strong communities. Before joining the Mixte team, she practiced her skills at nonprofit organizations working to create better neighborhoods in San Francisco, Cincinnati and Miami.

She also uncovered her superpower: the ability to transform event planning from hair-pulling chaos into coordinated harmony. From construction sites to cocktail hours, Katy brought people together with patience, a sense of humor and lots of checklists.

These days, Katy finds joy in working with Mixte’s clients; a unique group of people who share her passion for improving communities. When she’s not checking off to-do lists, Katy is perfecting the art of DIY, reading too many books at once and packing for her next camping trip.

Devon Lantry, Messaging Strategist

Internet extraordinaire and emotional engineer.

Devon’s been trying to start a revolution his whole life. One day, he decided to stop trying and start doing. So he joined Mixte.

Between nine and five, he turns ethical brands into the leaders of movements. After five, he likes to follow the same parades he started. To Devon, twitter is a bullhorn in a park, Facebook is a place to spread dissident coffee-shop whispers and the news media is an airplane that drops manifestos from the sky.

His expertise lies in web-based graphic design and graphic-based web design. He does the rest with coffee and a keyboard. Prior to Mixte, Devon managed political campaigns for marriage equality, funding for NASA and fair insurance policies for families with autism. He holds a B.A. in media and communications from the American Jewish University.

Lauren Zerweck, Environmental Champion

SEO guru, positivity patron and ukulele enthusiast.

Lauren believes that anything can be accomplished with a positive attitude. She loves the perpetuation of all things good, especially when she gets to work with a company she believes in — and gets to add a splash of silly. Countless times she was told such a dream job does not exist, but she continued to imagine her ideal vocation until one day it appeared. Enter Mixte.

In preparation for what she knew deep down was inevitable, Lauren honed her skills as an online marketer with a specialization in search engine optimization (SEO). She loves combining her SEO savvy and marketing instincts to create robust communications for good.

Before Mixte, Lauren executed social media for High Sierra Music Festival and event planning for SXSW. When she’s not cultivating click-throughs, Lauren can be found strumming the ukelele next to Milo, her dodsen-pomeranian pup and his fancy bowtie.

Aly Faucett, Communications Strategist

Motivation maven, pun crafter and party planning committee.

Aly believes that a perfectly crafted statement can move mountains. She loves developing creative ways to tell the world about the inspirational endeavors that Mixte clients enable each and every day.

Her imagination bolted out of her at a young age through clever writing and competitive dancing. Fast-forward to present day and find Aly elbow-deep in everything from infographics and website content to event promotions and crafty birthday presents.

After spending time as a contributing writer in Washington D.C. and in San Diego State University’s media relations department, Aly realized that local businesses and nonprofits are the drivers making the changes she wanted to see in her community. She promptly charted her path to public relations, found Mixte and never looked back.

A native San Diegan, you can catch Aly leaving footprints at her go-to taco shops and beaches while adding avocado to everything possible. Find @alyfaucett and ask to tag along.

Miranda Brown, Communications Specialist

Wordsmith, nature nerd and adventure seeker

Miranda is convinced that stories can change the world. With a love of social media and creative content development, her mission is to tell the world how fun and important Mixte’s nonprofit and socially responsible business clients are.

Miranda fell in love with nonprofit communication as a writer at Invisible Children, and she’s developed public relations and communication strategies for companies like Regal Entertainment Group and Medical Research Charities. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in managerial and organizational communication, Miranda was stoked to find her niche at Mixte.

Now, she spends her workdays pulling the perfect words together to connect Mixte’s inspiring clients with their target audiences to make our community a better place. After work hours, you’ll probably find her outside, running along the coast or hiking the biggest mountain she can find.

Hailey Bossert, Public Relations Specialist

Passionate about teamwork, witty remarks and the color orange

Hailey advocates for the power of teamwork. As an athlete all her life, Hailey quickly understood that support and encouragement were the best means for achieving goals. She carried this mindset into her collegiate career where she joined various organizations, motivated to work with others toward common goals.

Through her experiences, she developed a passion for working with nonprofits and helping to better her communities. She enjoyed seeing the hard work of small groups impact communities in a positive way. She was also eager to utilize her marketing and public relations skills to spread the word about the great things these nonprofits and businesses were doing.

That’s what brought her to Mixte: a company where she’s constantly inspired by the team, businesses and organizations around her. When she’s not participating in brainstorms or writing pitches, you can find this San Diego native appreciating the beautiful SD weather, jamming to all genres of music and trying any and every type of spicy food.

Hailey is extremely excited to be part of the Mixte(am).