Adina loves it when a plan comes together. That’s where her love for project management and building relationships with people comes in.

As a communications and marketing professional with two decades of experience in mission-driven work, she was once promoted to a project manager role at a nonprofit and fell in love at first project.

An outspoken advocate for mental health and addiction recovery, Adina most recently served as the Director of Communications at SAFE Project where she collaborated with leadership to create effective campaigns to end the nation’s addiction crisis. Prior to her role there, she was a marketing project manager for SourceAmerica, an organization focused on helping people with disabilities get jobs and opportunities. It was here where she managed more projects than she could count — but she wasn’t complaining because it made her a stronger project manager.

Adina earned a master’s degree from American University in Journalism and Public Affairs and a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Virginia Tech.

Adina loves to share her go-to fun fact with people – she is the middle of a set of triplets (with both of her sisters serving in the U.S. Navy). 

Adina is a longtime member of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. and when she’s not busy keeping the trains running on projects, she enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters. She also loves to travel, hit up her favorite Zumba and Kazaxe classes, and spend time with her family, friends, and emotional support angel aka her dog London.