Hector is a first-generation college graduate and immigrant who hails from “La Tierra de Gente Buena” (the land of good people) in Aguascalientes, Mexico. His passion lies in leaving a mark in the world — a world that is better for everyone and not just those in power.

Hector works closely with teams who are constantly pushing boundaries to create an impact in the communities he’s part of and cares about. Hector believes that consciously bringing different perspectives into the fold, with new and exciting ideas, creates healthier and stronger communities in which everyone can thrive.

Over the years, Hector has tackled the challenges head on. Whether on a personal, spiritual or professional level, Hector’s work had led him to grow and become more closely tied to the work he does at Mixte.

Hector’s an expert project manager who loves to dig into the trenches to find creative ways to reach his team’s goals. He’s also a well-versed media relations specialist who uncovers stories that matter to the communities he serves.

On his time off, Hector likes to look for ways to get involved in the community in order to get a better understanding about the issues he’s deeply attached to. He’s also a dog lover and currently has three lovable pups that occasionally make an appearance on camera with adorable shenanigans.