Hiram Soto is a first-generation immigrant who grew up in the beautiful borderlands of Tijuana and San Diego. 

Extreme curiosity took him to the world of journalism, where he worked as a reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune covering underrepresented communities, immigration and the drug war in Tijuana. 

Extreme passion for social issues took him to the world of advocacy, where he spent years using public relations and digital communications to promote fair, just and inclusive policies to keep families together and bring justice to border communities. He has also led communications for local and state ballot initiatives.

Extreme commitment to his community led him to run for public office in 2022, where he learned firsthand the courage and hard work required to run a campaign. He is a long-time community volunteer and a board member of the Poway Historical Society.

On the weekends you’ll find him playing music and trying to sing at the same time, exploring the deserts of SoCal with a 4×4 Wrangler or lounging around with his family and three dogs, waiting for the perfect moment to crack open a beer on a hot Powegian afternoon.