Jerralyn Belinda Davis is a natural-born storyteller who empowers organizations to create new narratives, tell stories that matter, and ultimately, bring positive changes to our shared communities.

As a young human, Jerralyn often looked out at the world and felt that there wasn’t a clear place for her. As the daughter of a born and bred all-American father and a strong CHamoru mother, she found it extremely difficult to find BIPOC role models to look up to outside of her family. As a proud CHamoru woman (chee hoo!), she cares about diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and the amplification of black and brown voices.

Over the course of her career, she has had experience working with consumer products, nonprofit, lifestyle, social justice, and public affairs clients. As a returning Mixte Superstar, she can tell you first-hand that Mixte Communications is unlike any other agency in the world. Jerralyn is driven by not only results but values and doing work every day that matters.

When she isn’t using her public relations and communications skillset for good; she can be found tending to her #PlantBabies, cutting up a local dance floor or empowering other humans to live their best lives.