Patrick’s favorite story is that of the changemaker. It’s the story he’s chased for his entire life, and the story that brought him to Mixte. He started in political organizing, including as an intern on a congressional campaign in San Diego. As an editor of an independent campus newspaper, Patrick empowered his peers to change the way the student body saw their campus with opinion pieces, editorials, and satire. His work in university admissions and outreach was supplemented with puns and dad-jokes galore as he gave campus tours to prospective students and their families.

During his time at UC San Diego, Patrick fell in love with fiction writing, culminating in a creative project as his senior thesis. Almost all time he doesn’t spend telling stories is spent following soccer and baseball. Even then, he’s trying to see the narrative told by analytics and sabermetrics.

As a writer and PR specialist, Patrick understands that his job is more than using his voice in service of Mixte’s clients. His experience has shown him that he best serves a client by bringing their own voice to the front.