Through civic engagement, partnerships and training, RISE San Diego is creating the next generation of urban leaders. Its “neighborhoods first” approach develops people within our own communities to solve the complex challenges of our neighborhoods. RISE-trained leaders are known as Fellows – they can now be found in elected office and leading nonprofits across the region. Increasingly more urban nonprofits and minority-owned businesses are flocking to RISE’s successful programs to focus more on their mission and less on operations.

Our Objectives

It is now time to move forward, and continue to amplify RISE San Diego’s impact in the community. Mixte continues to tell the organization’s stories through communications programs and media relations, while improving and growing its social media presence.

The Outcome

RISE San Diego is undoubtedly seen by the media as an authority in all matters pertaining to leadership in urban communities. RISE Fellows have had a tremendous impact in San Diego, and it has been through Mixte’s’ efforts that the community knows these important stories.