Founded in 2015, The San Diego Quality of Life Coalition has been advocating to build a vibrant, inclusive economy that delivers environmental and economic justice, lifts up communities, creates healthier communities, addresses the climate crisis and ensures natural resource conservation.

Our Objectives

Over the course of nine months, Mixte is tasked with empowering the Coalition’s communications team through tools, systems and trainings, to tell their stories in a more impactful way. This entails developing a power-building strategy that introduces the region to the Coalition’s critical work, implementing a set of communications tools that a volunteer-run coalition can implement on its own, and building internal systems that make their communication efforts more streamlined and organized.

The Outcome

In just a few months, Coalition members have embraced the program, attended monthly training sessions and contributed to communication channels – such as the monthly newsletter and blog posts. The media has also begun to take notice of the Coalition and interviewed members on various environmental topics.