San Diego Design Week (SDDW) is an annual five-day event celebrating design in San Diego and Tijuana. With a focus on collaboration and connection, the event brings the community together through various discussions, studio tours, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and more.

Our Objectives

In 2021 and 2022, Mixte partnered with SDDW and Mingei International Museum (the presenting organization for SDDW) to promote the in-person and virtual event. Together we aimed to honor the diverse and vibrant San Diego-Tijuana region, as well as encourage all community members (not just designers and artists) to tap into their creativity.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Wrote blog posts uplifting the many different ways to experience SDDW and answering common questions visitors might have
  • Designed social media carousels breaking down events by categories
  • Created digital toolkits with ready to use social graphics and captions for partners to help spread the word
  • Coordinated news stories with regional media outlets

The Outcome

SDDW successfully created a welcoming in-person and virtual environment for all to celebrate design! We saw high engagement on social media, increased followers and overall great community response and turnout for both SDDW and Mingei International Museum. 

Check out what Ashley Christie, Marketing Manager at SDDW and Content Manager at Mingei International Museum, had to say: “Initially, we partnered with [Mixte] for a one-time event but quickly realized we needed them for more than that. We deeply appreciate their commitment to social justice and highly recommend working with them.”