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Extension-of-Staff Model Puts the TE in Team for ACE’s New York Deskside Appointments

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If you know even just a few things about Mixte, you likely know about the extension-of-staff model that guides much of our client work.

In my tenure at Mixte, I have gotten lots of curious questions about how the model works and how it impacts the everyday the interaction with our clients.

I like the curiosity and, rather than tell you how the model works in theory, I want to take this opportunity to show how it works, and succeeds in making a big impact for our clients.

Take our client, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and their recent wildly successful trip to New York for the organization’s first-ever deskside appointments with key fitness and health journalists.

When planning for the desksides nearly a year ago, we knew that it would take coordinated work between Mixte and ACE to make the endeavor successful.We knew we wanted people to understand not just the many amazing and inspiring stories from ACE-pros, but also to know the value of ACE-sponsored research.

Also important was the ability to share the profound commitment ACE has made to ending the obesity epidemic by 2035 and to addressing need for qualified physician-extenders. We also knew that we had to accomplish this with a limited budget and a team of four.

By mid-July, Mixte was hard at work curating the list of ideal deskside appointments and by early-August we were reaching out to both friendly reporters who we have worked with and to a “reach” list we were hoping to work with in the long term.

Late August brought the unexpected—the team traveling to New York was cut in half to two and those traveling would be available for only a day plus a few hours, less time than originally planned for.

Armed with that knowledge the communications team, Mixte along with ACE internal staff, set about prioritizing and strategizing how best to use the time in New York. We moved meeting times, doubled up on who would meet with us when possible and did everything in our power to harness the opportunity.

The week of the trip arrived and the team anxiously awaited word from the pair representing ACE. What would come from all the planning and coordination? Would our initial start out the gate reap reward?

By the end of the trip, we heard reports of successful meetings that included story placements, journalist interest in ACE-certification and studies. Profiles of ACE pros and a firmer understanding of the health and fitness issues for which ACE advocates. Who could ask for more?


The news was even better when the official results report came the following week. In under 9 hours of meetings, plans were made with these outlets: Time Magazine, Greatist, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Self, Shape, Runner’s World, Woman’s Day, Men’s Journal and others.

That, folks, is just one example of how Mixte puts the TE in team through our extension-of-staff work.

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