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About Us

A community-driven agency doing business the right way.

Children sitting together and laughing
Africa New Day

Strategic, nationwide communications amplifying the voices of bold leaders.

Every one of our projects, clients and partners has two things in common: a shared vision and a belief in the possibility of effective communications.

Life is short, our choices matter.


Mixte’s Values


We nurture our community and embolden leaders and organizations doing the work.

Our work is a megaphone for the changemakers on the ground. Like when we teamed up with The California Endowment to celebrate 10 years of grassroots work to build healthy communities.


We practice cultural humility and cultivate diversity.

In the pursuit of justice for all people, we consider ourselves forever learners. Explore how our teammates created “We All Belong” to reject hate and celebrate the API community.


We use our privileges to fight for equity.

We choose to invest our skills in communities that have been historically overlooked. Like encouraging Black and Latinx youth in California to vote via TikTok and Snapchat.


We know that justice and good work both take time.

The type of meaningful change we’re after doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we consider ourselves an extension-of-staff team – We’re in it with you every step of the way.


We choose to invest in local actions to achieve global change.

As grassroots activists at heart, we know that change happens from the ground up. With Youthwill, we advocated (and won!) to get an Office of Child and Youth Success into the City of San Diego budget.


We believe in the potential of humankind to protect our people, communities and planet.

We see inherent goodness in people, and we know we are our own solutions. With Food Recovery Network, we support college students nationwide in turning surplus food that would otherwise end up in landfills into food for people experiencing hunger.


We make space for joy and adventure.

We care deeply for this work, which means we must also make time to reset, recharge and restore. That’s why we have Mixte adventures – Like going to the National Bike Summit or spending the day with LA Waterkeeper.

Mixte staff with Dolores Huerta
Environmental Health Coalition

We’re a diverse team of superstars!

We value our differences and know that they make us stronger.


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