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Join Us in Celebrating API Excellence

We All Belong API SD sticker

Although the recent Asian Pacific Islander (API) hate crimes have moved to the back burner of the media spotlight, our community still needs support. We’ve teamed up with API artists and creatives to take a stand against systemic racism and hate by celebrating API excellence and a community where we all belong.

They are the unshakeable force behind the coalition collectively called, “We All Belong,” and they will not stop until the message is heard throughout every community.

Ways To Help

STAND UP, SPEAK OUT and TAKE ACTION to protect our API brothers and sisters. Those who are interested in being an ally and standing in solidarity with the API community but don’t know where to start – we got you covered. Just follow these three steps:


  1. DONATEUse the options above to donate and receive your own artwork created by API artists in San Diego. You can choose to purchase a sticker, poster, t-shirt or donate directly to the San Diego API Coalition! All proceeds go directly to the San Diego API Coalition to fight hate against API communities.
  2. SPEAK – educate yourself on the API experience in America and ask yourself how you can support our shared community. Reach out to an API friend, neighbor or colleague and ask how they are doing. Report API hate using resources here. Hang your new We All Belong poster in your workplace to let your colleagues know they are supported.
  3. SHARE – We need YOU! Help us reach more people, especially businesses and organizations so that we can raise more funds to support the API community and celebrate our cultural diversity. Please tweet, post, email or tell your friends and colleagues about this website.


We do not profit from this effort to lift up and celebrate our API colleagues and the community at large. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Just send us an email at: or 619-732-0789.

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