The California Endowment wants to see healthy communities where youth and adults thrive and all community members develop their full potential, thus achieving greater health equity for all Californians. Its goal is simple: first, change the way people view health—from the notion that health happens in the doctor’s office to a belief that health happens where you live, work, learn, and play. Second, integrate smart solutions in communities across the state.

Our Objectives

Mixte initially stepped in to help The California Endowment brand and announce its next 10-year commitment to invest in more communities across the state, by communicating its new “People Power Health” strategy to improve the quality of life of all Californians. Now, our team works with the TCE’s communications director to build campaigns and messaging strategies that raise awareness of its powerful voice for wellness, inclusion, and shared prosperity.

The Outcome

The structure of our relationship with The California Endowment is unique to its staffing model, set up to best address the communication needs faced by the organization and its many partners. As a result, the outcomes of our work are challenging to quantify, other than by saying we continue our ongoing relationship with the foundation.

We do know, as it relates to the launch of People Power Health, that the materials were shared with others in the philanthropic space, grantees and community members to inspire hope for the next 10 years. They were also presented at a series of webinars to the foundation’s key audiences.

The response has been positive both inside the organization and among its external audiences. Folks are particularly receptive to the way the energy of the community is captured, and the beautiful simplicity of the assets.