Having access to food is a basic human right. Yet, nearly 42 million people experienced hunger this year and it’s a growing issue in America. Food Recovery Network (FRN) mobilizes its national network of college students and leaders to fight food waste and hunger. Student-run chapters on more than 200 campuses across 46 states recover surplus food from college campuses, dining halls and farms to feed communities that need it most.

Our Objectives

In early 2021, Mixte joined forces with FRN to activate a digital campaign to encourage students in California and Pennsylvania to start Food Recovery Network chapters on their campuses. We used strategies that include paid campaigns and organic social media to raise awareness of FRN as a national organization and learn what moves students to start chapters. 

Here’s how we did it:

  • Launched a digital pilot to introduce college students in food-scarce communities to discover FRN and enter the pipeline of people interested in starting a chapter in California and Pennsylvania.
  • Worked closely with FRN fellows to create resources to guide students in starting their own chapters.
  • Created paid ads on Google and social media to reach our California and Pennsylvania audiences using video content from students and FRN staff.
  • Crafted a series of emails to nurture students towards chapter activation.
  • Updated website to improve user experience.
  • Hosted virtual events with FRN staff and student chapter leaders to provide prospective students with resources and information.
  • Created annual report landing pages to recap and promote FRN’s work.
  • Performed monthly performance reports on paid advertising and email communications to measure all efforts and inform strategy.
The Outcome

The final product yielded insights on what content resonated best with our audiences. Additionally, FRN’s email lists grew considerably with dozens of  people wanting to keep hearing from FRN on what it’s like to start a chapter and how.

  • Pilot program in Texas to inform 10-state rollout
  • Website views: 31,355K
  • Total email signups: 143
  • Total application signups: 33