Food is a part of our everyday lives – it’s a human right. Yet, hunger is everywhere (but not proportionately the same everywhere). That’s why Food Recovery Network’s (FRN) mission is to mobilize their national network of college students and leaders to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Food is recovered from college campuses, dining halls and even directly from farms where food is produced, and then recycled back to communities that need it most. To do this work effectively, FRN taps into the brilliance of students by infusing their leadership development with a focus on justice and equity. FRN joined forces with Mixte when the nonprofit needed help to streamline internal systems, cruise direct content creation and activate a digital campaign to engage with potential chapter leaders.

Our Objectives

Mixte launched a digital pilot to introduce college students in food-scarce communities to discover FRN and enter the pipeline of people interested in starting a chapter on campus in Texas. This campaign was also a way to experiment and discover the best approach for an expanded fall launch in additional states. Here’s how we did it:

  • Our work started with collecting content from past and current student chapters and identifying the most compelling bits of information to then build and promote new content from.
  • We worked closely with FRN fellows to ensure we translated the content into resources that students could get excited about, engage with and eventually consider starting a chapter at their college campus.
  • We updated the website to ensure it was user friendly and easy to navigate
  • We used a series of paid ads to reach our Texas audiences with compelling blog content
  • We collected email addresses from students eager to learn more and strategically crafted a series of emails to nurture them into starting a chapter
The Outcome

The final product yielded insights on what content resonated best with our audiences and in which Texas communities. Additionally, FRN’s email lists grew considerably with dozens of  people wanting to keep hearing from FRN on what it’s like to start a chapter and how. Better yet, our work produced one new chapter during this six-week pilot campaign. Now, we’re engaging with FRN to build on these learnings with a 12-month campaign in California and Pennsylvania.