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Mixte’s Extension-of-Staff Communications

Collage of Mixte staff members, megaphone, laptop, and the word "Mixte"

We’ve been there — running communications in-house for nonprofits. You wear many hats. You seemingly report to so many bosses (hello board of directors). And everything can be a priority — posting on social, supporting events, raising funds, recruiting volunteers. Oh, and building your brand. Who has time for all of these things? And then — sometimes the unexpected happens, and you have to drop it all to handle that crisis. Or is it an opportunity?

Your strategic thought partner

Quote from Charlie Goldberg, Library Foundation SD: "They clearly believe in the mission of the organizations they work with and it is reflected in the quality of their work."As an Extension-of-Staff team, we may be hired to execute on just your public relations or just your digital marketing, but we know there is so much that happens in every nonprofit to make that a success, and we can’t look the other way. We see ourselves as part of the solution to help you get it done –— hopefully more effectively and efficiently.

What does that mean? It means that while you hired us to do a specific thing, we are also your strategic thought partner. We’re not afraid to suggest that the thing you hired us for isn’t the thing that we should be doing right now. We’re willing to say that something is broken, and we’ll offer ways to fix it. We’re here to suggest that you can get more benefit from our work together if we consider how it transcends one medium into another. We’re here to have courageous conversations with you and your executive team about, well, anything that matters to effectively communicate. 


Building something together

Quote from Erin Hagan, Evidence for Action: "They have a humanizing quality to their interactions, which I think is especially valuable in research spaces, albeit perhaps uncommon."Our job is to introduce a little tension and conflict. We may ask, “why do you do it this way?”, not as a challenge, but as an opportunity to keep refining and improving things. In the long run, these moments build more than just efficiencies: they build trust.

In a nutshell, being your Extension-of-Staff team means that we know the inordinate amount of pressure that nonprofit communications teams face, and we are here to think creatively, think long-term, and think practically about how we can help you succeed in your role and as an organization.  

So… are you in? See what it looks like in action with a homeless services client that we have supported for more than a decade. And introduce yourself here and let us know how we can support your work!

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