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What Keeps Our Democracy Going? (Spoiler Alert: You Do)

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We the people are EXHAUSTED — and we shall persist

Things are heavy right now, and it’s time for a brain break. With so many of us hyper-aware of the threats to our democracy, we need a reminder that protecting our democracy can actually be easy and fulfilling.

All of the following actions take only 3 minutes and 34 seconds (for real, we timed it!). Give them a try, and then you can delete this email knowing you made an immediate impact for bodily autonomy, the sanctity of human life and freedom, and electing a government that truly represents us. 

This is how we keep our democracy alive. Every time we speak up, every time we take action for our communities or in solidarity with others, even if it’s just for 3 minutes and 34 seconds — we’re breathing life into it! 


Comms pros, how do you get people to take action?

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Getting your audiences to take action requires simplicity. Here are sources of inspiration to get folks to act:

  • Policy: The League of Women Voters of California used bite-sized video content to reach young people about wielding their vote as a way to shape policy. 
  • Awareness: Alliance San Diego’s Start With Dignity campaign made the concept of human dignity tangible thanks to straightforward messaging and community storytelling, and made it actionable with the help of a petition.
  • Fundraising: It Gets Better consistently directed audiences to a dedicated year-end campaign landing page, an all-in-one hub where they could both make donations and see their impact. 

See more examples from action-oriented nonprofits like yours

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