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Meet – Dwayne Burgess

Dwayne Burgess, Digital Marketing Strategist

Hometown: Hempstead, NY

Alma Mater: Briarcliffe College (Graphic Design)

Why did you choose to “Go Mixte?”: I had been working in Digital Marketing for the eCommerce industry but was looking to transition to an agency that I could connect with and be part of a team environment. Out of college I had worked with underprivileged youth at the non-profit organization, Harlem Children’s Zone, and loved sharing creative and active outlets that could have a positive impact on someone’s life and future.

Mixte ticked all the boxes for me – not just because of the job description, but what Mixte stands for. The dedication to diversity and their non-profit clients were exactly what I was looking for. Having worked for a non-profit before, I know that it takes a village to build brands with limited budgets. I want to help people help themselves share their great message to the world. Community is so important to me and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help build that for Mixte’s clients.

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