Bradley Weaver is a native Californian whose love of art and literature led him to pursue what he later learned was an “irresponsible and useless” degree in English. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara and a stint living in Spain, Bradley traveled to San Diego, where he worked as a reporter for various newspapers, covering anything from education to politics to county government. He later spent several years as a speechwriter, spokesman and media relations manager, as well as a creative and writing partner with various public and private groups. Bradley also ran a business as an art curator and agent for emerging and professional sculptors and painters.

An interest in social issues has led Bradley to support and campaign for local and state ballot initiatives for equal rights, the environment and gender equality. 

When Bradley is not making his Mixte clients happy, he can be found camping in the Sierra Nevada mountains, watching a black and white French film, boasting about his vinyl collection or continuing his search for the perfect carbonara.