By the 2020s, I was promised a world with hoverboards, flying cities and androids. Instead, we got annual wildfires, a biodiversity crisis and Very Serious Elected People™️ spending a not-insignificant amount of time postulating over whether people like me deserve to use public bathrooms.

That, I refuse to accept. And it’s exactly why I’m here — fighting so that maybe, one day, we get a little closer to a flying city-Android future where we all have the rights we deserve and so much more. But I digress.

Me in a nutshell: Florida-raised and, currently, Oregon-based. Graduate of Western Oregon University and a former freelance writer. Gay, transgender and progressive — or, in other words, the spitting image of Ben Shapiro’s sleep paralysis vision. 

I’ve been in the nonprofit communications and PR world for over five years, where I use the power of storytelling (and a lot of emails) to show how local changemakers are addressing today’s biggest issues, like affordable housing, environmental justice and racial equity.

When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me hiking, biking or pounding out a short story.