Gladys tries to use her voice to bolster the work of those doing good in the community. As the daughter of immigrants, she had to become the voice of her parents at an early age as they navigated through a new country. That experience taught her the importance of advocacy, which motivated her to work in the nonprofit world.

Her passion for nonprofits led her to Habitat for Humanity where she was the Director of Marketing and Advocacy and drove the communications and marketing efforts. Throughout her many years with the organization, she built the marketing department and learned the importance of partnering with other groups. That’s how she met Mixte. They partnered with Habitat for Humanity to make one of their biggest fundraisers even more successful. The Mixte team was so fun, she had to join them.

When Gladys isn’t using her voice to amplify the work of changemakers on the ground, she’s using her voice to tell her kids to drink their milk or to help guide her parents through the world of social media while on FaceTime.