As the daughter of immigrants, Gladys had to become the voice of her parents at an early age as they navigated through a new country. That experience taught her the importance of social justice advocacy and uplifting the work of those doing good in the community.

Gladys spent her college years as an activist, lending her voice to numerous causes like immigration and women’s rights. Realizing the change she wanted to see in the world took more than a loud megaphone and witty sign at a rally, she decided to join a nonprofit organization and use her voice there. Still, that wasn’t enough. Helping just one cause wasn’t making enough of a difference, so Gladys went on a journey in search for the right place where her little activist heart could make a big difference. Insert Mixte Communications. As a Director of Communications, she gets to use her voice to help changemakers on the ground move the needle on all the causes that matter to her.

When Gladys isn’t using her voice to amplify the work of trailblazers, she’s using her voice to tell her kids to stop jumping on the couch or to help guide her parents through the world of social media while on FaceTime.