Karim brings close to 20 years of experience in international business and community-based organizations, where he developed policies and programs to address economic, workforce, community and education needs. He grew up in a multinational family-owned enterprise and eventually worked in five countries — seeing firsthand the daily intersections and unique differences in local economies, culture, communications, and leadership styles.

And mostly learning how to eat and drink just about anything placed in front of him.At Mixte, Karim is the person looking for awesomeness, both inside the company (our fiscal health, operations, human capital, culture) and outside (our culture, new business).

Prior to launching the local nonprofit organization Business For Good San Diego, Karim started his small business, Blues Scale Group, to support the growth and sustainability of cause-driven organizations. He understands intimately how social change comes by building voice with marginalized groups; by figuring out pathways to effectively communicate their message at mainstream tables; and by utilizing a multimodal approach to build consensus.

Connect with Karim, he’ll always say yes to breaking bread or having coffee.