Fueled by coffee and educational TikTok videos, Mia sits at the heart of social justice and digital marketing as our team’s VP of Communications. With a background in communications that support grassroots activism, she has proudly worked alongside local, statewide and national organizations to understand how strategic content and digital marketing, when implemented thoughtfully, can be the greatest tool to activate people, connect communities and make real change. Give her an opportunity to complement social justice on-the-ground work with empathetic digital marketing (we’ll let her explain it to you) in an increasingly virtual world, and Mia might just be the happiest camper around the fire.

Her personal project, Lady Days, is an online community and soon-to-be book that celebrates courageous and diverse women from all walks of life. Mia also contributes articles and photography to national and international publications that highlight women in the outdoors, including HiHeyHello Magazine, Foam Symmetry, Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Cooler Magazine and more.

When she’s not writing, taking film photos or daydreaming about your digital marketing, you can find her surfing at Kahalu’u or with her partner, trying to teach their kittens to walk on a leash.