I’m Mia Margita, an artist-turned-activist driven by the power of creativity to advance social justice causes. Since graduating with a BFA in New Media Journalism and Digital Design from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I’ve worn many hats: designer, director, filmmaker, animator, journalist, activist, and organizer. 

I’ve dedicated my career to using creativity to support nonprofits and drive social impact campaigns. My experience spans cutting-edge media organizations, from creative development in the nonprofit space at Vote.org, Democracy Works, FWD.us, and WhoWhatWhy, to supporting large debut productions at TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Radical Media, and The MCA Chicago. Through my work, I’ve received the 2019 Davis Projects for Peace Grant, the 2023 UNFK THE WORLD Amplifier Award, the 2024 Gold Anthem Award, and most recently, the Webby Award Winner for Best Influencer Collaboration in 2024.

For years, I’ve been the sole creative force within individual nonprofits, passionate about each issue but often limited by focusing on just one advocacy area. Now, leading creative within a renowned agency committed to justice, I’m inspired to expand my reach at Mixte to make an impact across the nonprofit and advocacy space. As the main in-house designer at Mixte, I’ll lead creative development spanning impactful organizations making real grassroots change where it matters most. This move to work within an agency allows me to do what I love on a larger scale, using creativity to drive action and tell powerful stories for causes that matter.

As a social justice multidisciplinary designer, my vision is to help people truly see how intersecting systems of injustice have failed us—not just creating media for the moment, but for a movement. When I’m not reimagining creativity across the nonprofit world, you’ll find me using too many emojis, planning road trips with my tiny dog Circuit, and finding inspiration in everyday adventures to help make the world a better place.

Check out my work at: m-i-4.com