Mike was born to tell stories. He likes to say he’s been writing since he was old enough to tap on a keyboard. That isn’t an exaggeration.

Throughout his childhood, Mike cultivated a deep love of words, imagined worlds where anything was possible and spent hours filling notebooks with ink. As he got a little older, he realized the power of a story to shift narratives, enlighten minds and effect change. 

This realization drew Mike to creativity and storytelling in all of its forms, both personally and professionally. He honed the craft of working with words through a journalism career and found his voice in everyday acts of advocacy.

A mixed-race person in America, and the son and grandson of immigrants, Mike has seen inequity and injustice from multiple perspectives. He has always held tightly to the belief that it’s a moral imperative to fight for equality and unshackle the chains of oppression wherever they are found.

After years in tech journalism covering Silicon Valley, Mike jumped at the chance to switch careers and join Mixte — a place he could weave together his passion for people and the planet with his storytelling skill set and knowledge of the media.

Mike is a person of many varied interests. Along with being a writer and storyteller, he’s also a voracious reader, nature enthusiast, yoga teacher and multi-instrumentalist. He’s particularly passionate about the environment, immigration reform and addressing community needs through organizing mutual aid. 

When he’s not stringing together sentences, you can often find him sifting through boxes of jazz records, teaching free community mindfulness classes, or continuing his lifelong search for the world’s best fish taco (pro tip: the best one so far is in his mom’s hometown of Ensenada).