I am Southern to my very soul. Being a Black Southern Woman is the foundation for the career and communities I’ve built. 

My career has always sat at the intersection of media and technology, but in 2020, as the whole world slowed and many isolated, I reflected on the work I wanted to do, the people I wanted to serve, and the person I wanted to be. That period led me directly to social justice digital communications and eventually to Mixte, which feels like home. 

I’ve carved out a niche in digital marketing and communication, where I’ve dedicated myself to advocating for change and knitting closer community ties through the power of narrative. From spearheading campaigns that significantly boosted engagement and visibility for brands like ARRAY and Drupal, to elevating stories that resonate with authenticity and impact, my career has been about bridging the gap between organizations and their audiences one campaign at a time.

When I’m not strategizing for the next digital campaign I’m finding joy with my family and community. I’m a habitual “Team Mom” who is equal parts silly and sentimental and I’m always ready with random facts and pocket snacks. At Mixte, I’m continuing my mission, using digital media to build bridges that reflect my values and vision for a world where every voice can find its echo.