I swore an allegiance to the nonprofit sector at the age of 15, before I was too old to know better. A million years later, I struggle to find purpose in a world of hate but do my best to fight it, and my depression, every day. 

After a lifetime in my hometown of Boston, I reluctantly moved to San Diego to get to know my Holocaust-surviving parents and to give my very disabled spouse a better climate. Mixte has given me an opportunity to work on injustice and inequality by supporting the creative communications of important organizations. It is truly a pleasure to bring my authentic, bi, feminist activist self to our work and I thrive on supporting our team. 

My lifetime of experience in managing and administrating one thing or another includes a decade+ at the Museum of Photographic Arts and multiple decades at Harvard. I have supplemented that work by serving on countless boards in a variety of capacities (happy to chat if you really want to know which ones), some way more fun than others. Taking care of my wife is also a full time job. 

In my spare moments my wife and I watch MST3K (and so much more); I walk my beloved toy poodle; and I use an obscure deck of Tarot cards to contemplate a career as a death expert. I’m not there yet.