Africa New Day (AND) was founded by Camille and Esther Nototo to combat the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) lack of transformational leadership needed to address systemic oppression. Esther and Camille started Africa New Day with the fundamental understanding that each Congolese person is their own greatest hero and solution to building generational prosperity and an improved quality of life countrywide.

How? Grounded in faith and compassion, AND leads on-the-ground programs designed to inspire and nurture the potential within every Congolese person. For instance, the Sons of Congo program promotes leadership and positive masculinity to end the cycle of violence most commonly inflicted upon women and children. Meanwhile, the Women of Congo program provides teachings to replenish the physical, emotional and spiritual losses, while providing practical training—literacy, language, arts, vocational skills— which allows women to restore their vital dignity and self-esteem as contributors to society. Primary school for children of DRC aims to empower and inspire the future of the country to thrive.

Our Objectives

Mixte joined AND in 2021 to grow and improve the organization’s online presence and diversify donation revenue streams. Shortly after, the city of Goma in Eastern Congo was devastated by the volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo and subsequent earthquakes. Communities in Goma were severely impacted – many losing homes, businesses and even loved ones. Mixte worked quickly with AND to create an emergency communications plan.

Here’s how we did it:

  • We streamlined information from on the ground in Goma to our audience in the USA through daily email updates. This served as an open communication channel for readers to respond back, ask questions, and provide aid
  • We developed a social media strategy by utilizing multiple platforms that helped expand the reach of our message through social sharing
  • We created a relief page encouraging those to give to ensure continued support of AND’s team, staff and students on the ground in Goma as they endured a time of natural disaster and devastation, and began to rebuild