The U.S. leads the world in incarceration rates, and our feeds are often dominated by news of bad policing. It’s clear that we’re badly in need of an overhaul of the criminal justice system and policing. Luckily, that’s work that Appleseed does each and every day. Made up of a network of 18 justice centers, this organization works to fight inequality, combat discrimination and advance a fairer criminal justice system for all.

Our Objectives

Appleseed network came to Mixte Communications with a project that was simple in theory, but massive in scope: develop effective messaging that can move the needle on criminal justice reform. This feat becomes even more impressive when put within the context of Appleseed centers’ work across the U.S. and across political aisles. 

The Outcome

Mixte started with the basics: research, research, research. Through a comprehensive media scan, thorough background research of polling information and news stories and interviews with Appleseed justice centers on the ground, we put together a landscape analysis detailing how people are currently talking about criminal justice reform.

From there, we took our findings and worked with Appleseed to put them to the test through focus groups and real-world message testing. These creative messaging ideas are currently being tested out in the wild. Once we get data from public opinion polling, we’ll be able to use these through lines and themes to craft potent messaging to move the needle on criminal justice and police reform.