As one of Mixte’s longest client relationships, Father Joe’s Villages holds a special place in our hearts. As the largest homeless services provider in San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages ensures that each person can rediscover hope and build a brighter future. To address the complex needs of people who are homeless, the organization provides housing for more than 2,100 people each night, along with meals, health care, substance use disorder treatment, job training, therapeutic childcare and more. This mission is made possible only through the efforts of compassionate staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous public and private donors.

Our Objectives

We serve as communications counsel to Father Joe’s Villages and specialize in illuminating its great people, initiatives and work in our shared communities. From major events and initiatives like Turning the Key, Thanksgiving Day 5K and celebrating its latest affordable housing community, we work in tandem with San Diego’s largest homeless services provider to end homelessness one person at a time. In order to establish Father Joe’s Villages as well-known thought leaders dedicated to creating a San Diego where no woman, man or child has to sleep on the street, we lift up up Father Joe’s Villages’ leadership through public awareness media relations campaigns focused on the organization’s continued response to homelessness, commitment to advocacy and long-term solutions of permanent supportive housing at each stage of the homeless experience.

The Outcome

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to position Father Joe’s Villages as the leading services provider dedicated to ending homelessness in our community. Part of this entails creating a new narrative where people experiencing homelessness are seen as who they really are – our friends and neighbors. Here are a few of our favorite placements to date:

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