Karen Organization of San Diego is a nonprofit organization that  supports Karen and other refugees from Burma to navigate social welfare systems, access leadership and employment opportunities, and stay connected to their community and culture. One of the organization’s primary means of communicating their services to the community is their website, which had become outdated and challenging to navigate. Based on similar work that Mixte had created for other clients, KOSD approached us and requested a redesign and redevelopment of the organization’s website.

Our Objectives

Launch a user-friendly website that shares information in English, plus the Karen and Burmese languages.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Our work started with facilitating a listening session, using an online Mural board, where members of the KOSD team provided their input in terms of color schemes, desired audiences, message goals, and other aspects of the website to be considered. A summary of the session was drafted, upon which copy was created for the various sections of the website. Working closely with a web developer, a new design was created, along with the actual development of the website. The English version was fully developed and launched, with versions for Karen and Burmese laid out and ready for the KOSD to populate with translations.

The Outcome

The final product was a fully resigned website, with a fresh new look, providing information in three languages to a variety of audiences, easier to navigate, and providing donation options right at the home page, which was a key objective of the project.