For over 30 years, NAF has partnered with high schools around the country to provide the training students need to follow their career dreams. Whether it be engineering, health care or horticulture, chances are likely that NAF has a program for it.

NAF was previously known as an organization that provided training for careers in finance, even though, for years now, they’re so much more. One of NAF’s biggest priorities is closing equity gaps among Black, Latino and other underrepresented youth by giving them the training they need to secure careers in America’s fastest growing industries. 

That’s where Mixte came in. Not only did we see a chance to reintroduce the world to NAF’s life-changing work but a way to position NAF as a leader in outcome-, equity- and work-based learning.

Our Objectives

Our overall goal was to build NAF’s reputation as a leader in both preparing students for college, career and future success and on the issues that impact a person’s, family’s or community’s economic mobility. 

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • We’re identifying opportunities for NAF to take a leadership position on today’s most important education issues, including upcoming legislation, big policy updates and more.  
  • We’re pitching stories around work-based learning, EdTech and career readiness across regional, trade and national media
  • We’re elevating NAF executives as subject matter experts through op-eds, timely media tips and statements on breaking news events

The Outcome

We began pitching stories about NAF throughout state, regional, trade and national media and are beginning to raise awareness of NAF to new audiences. As our work together continues, we’ll identify more opportunities for NAF to share their voice and join larger conversations on work-based learning, economic mobility and other topics critical to healing the economic gap too long experienced by BIPOC families and people.