Intuitively, we know that access to nature is important. However, natural spaces and resources are often out of reach for marginalized or immigrant communities — even though these communities can stand to benefit the most. More than that, natural spaces are often under external threat, whether by climate change, policies or other external threats. It’s for these reasons that Nature for All — a Latinx-led organization fighting to protect natural spaces and access to nature – are so critical.

Our Objectives

Our goal was a comprehensive analysis that took a deep dive into Nature for All’s current communications and marketing efforts. To tackle this, we conducted a thorough analysis of their communications and marketing channels, including social media, newsletters, website, printed materials and media coverage. We supplemented this analysis with staff, board and external interviews. From there, we used our expertise in communications to analyze what was working well and what could be stronger.

The Outcome

The final product was a comprehensive report covering Nature for All’s entire communications footprint, including their website, newsletter, social media channels and more. This report included a detailed rundown of how effective these channels were, as well as opportunities for growth broken down by key audiences that Nature for All wanted to reach. Our recommendations also included strategies to build capacity and help Nature for All stay organized in its communications efforts internally. Finally, we plotted these strategies, recommendations and tactics on a timeline to help the organization with a guiding roadmap.