Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center is reaching a milestone of making an impact in the community for 10 years. The organization has created a pivotal moment in its organizational trajectory by taking its programs to a new level that will help amplify its impact in the community. Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center’s programs have a goal of reducing chronic health disorders, cultivating sustainable food sources, and expanding access to nutritious fruits and vegetables throughout the community. The organization is also focused on creating data-driven program initiatives in environmental and wellness education.

Our Objectives

To amplify Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center’s impact, Mixte taps into the organization’s storytelling through media relations and email marketing to take the organization to the next level, including the promotion of The Kitchenistas movie, outreaching to Spanish-speaking audiences, and the continued pursuit for new funding.

The Outcome

Together, we revamped the electronic newsletter and created a series of videos and virtual events during the COVID pandemic. News media coverage was favorable, including a feature story on Kitchenistas in the San Diego Union-Tribune – which garnered new donors – as well as media hits on the produce stand, people of the organization, and other events, all showcasing the value of Olivewood’s work.