Protecting the natural resources that surround us and give us life is at Mixte’s core – and being headquartered in Southern California, we understand water is one of the most essential resources that needs to be protected.

For more than twenty years, Orange County Coastkeeper (OCCK) has been safeguarding the waters in Orange County, Inland Empire, and Coachella Valley for current and future generations. The team protects these invaluable resources so that they remain swimmable, drinkable, and fishable. The organization relies on getting people involved as supporters and donors in order to extensively protect the region’s waters.

Our Objectives

Mixte and OCCK set out to tell the story of Orange County Coastkeeper that improves brand awareness, increases engagement with the organization, and moves donations to support efforts to protect clean water. OCCK created a sub-brand called State of Your Water and launched a fully integrated digital marketing and public relations campaign that showcases just how critical caring for water in Orange County, Coachella Valley and Inland Empire is, and puts a spotlight on how others can get involved – particularly as donors.

The Outcome

We’re still on our State of Your Water journey, but in a short time we’ve launched the campaign with a suite of creative assets, including a landing page, tools that make it easier for supporters to get involved, paid and organic social media, a drip-email campaign, SEO-driven blog content and more. So far, we’ve seen an increase in engagement across platforms and an increase in website traffic – fingers crossed for more State of Your Water warriors to come!