The San Diego County Bike Coalition holds a special place in our hearts as one of Mixte’s first clients. As the only countywide organization supporting the right for all people to ride bikes, the Bike Coalition advocates, educates and celebrates life on two wheels for all people in San Diego County.

Our Objectives

We advise the Bike Coalition on all matters communications, and we specialize in maximizing its countywide media presence. From major events like CicloSDias and Bike the Bay to advocating for better bike infrastructure and environmentally responsible plans and policies, we pedal hard in the public relations arena to keep our client as the go-to bicycle advocate in local media.

The Outcome

Some of our favorite media placements featuring the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition include this profile in the San Diego Union Tribune, this feature in San Diego Magazine and this policy update from KPBS – and this is just a taste!