Mixte and the San Diego Workforce Partnership were brought together over a shared passion for helping people and families thrive. 

We collectively believe in one truth: a job should be more than just a paycheck. Everyone deserves a job with a competitive wage, stability and opportunities for advancement. Yet too many people are locked out of opportunities to find these types of quality careers.

That’s where the San Diego Workforce Partnership comes in. They set job seekers up for success through skills training, job hunting support, career fairs and more. The Workforce Partnership also partners with local employers to help them find qualified workers.

Our goal in our time together? To amplify the vital work that the San Diego Workforce Partnership does each and every day across the San Diego region.

Our Objectives

Here’s how we did it:

  • Through building relations with local media, we helped the Workforce Partnership become the region’s leader on issues that affect our local labor market. If reporters have a question about what a new policy could mean for workers, they know to come to the Workforce Partnership
  • Together, we built partnerships between elected officials, employers, local media and thought leaders. Along with sharing news about new programs at the Workforce Partnership, many of these allies have partnered with the Workforce Partnership to actually launch joint-programs, such as job fairs and grants for job programs
  • We raised awareness of vital programs led by the Workforce Partnership, including (but certainly not limited to), the ISA Program (2019), which offered college students an alternative to student loans: students would only need to pay back their education fees if they secured a well-paying career upon graduating. We ultimately secured 20+ placements in national and local outlets (CNBC, Education Week, ABC10). Additionally, 15 influencers partnered alongside us to share the news.

The Outcome

Not only are job seekers and employers more aware of the services that the San Diego Workforce Partnership offers but the Workforce Partnership is more committed than ever before to tackling the systemic barriers that previously kept thousands of qualified workers out of quality careers.