For those of us working in the social justice space, the increased ideological polarization of our policy-making bodies isn’t a new phenomenon. Unfortunately, the brazen threats to communities’ and individuals’ rights became more commonplace, daily tragedies. As emotions were stirred and coming to a boil during the final weeks of the 2020 general election, Mixte worked hand in hand with Sojourners to fight voter suppression and intimidation in nine battleground states.

Our Objectives

With the faith leaders forming the “Lawyers and Collars” initiative, Mixte rolled out a media relations plan to amplify their messaging and key talking points for coverage by media outlets in each state and nationally. This wasn’t just about pitching — it was about amplifying the grassroots advocacy from some of our nation’s most inspiring individuals and bringing real-time, on-the-ground stories from some of the precincts where tensions were flaring up

The Outcome

The by-product of this targeted effort with social justice faith leaders wasn’t only to provide a peaceful presence around the polling locations most at risk of voter disenfranchisement, but also to encourage free, fair, and safe elections in order to turn out the black vote.

What an honor that was. History already tells us we were on the right side of justice.