Southwestern Community College District is the premier public institution of higher education in Southern San Diego County that serves a diverse community of students – providing quality academic programs, equitable access to student support services, and clear pathways to student success!

Our Objectives

After supporting the communications department at Southwestern College to develop a yearlong strategic plan, Mixte now leads the development of two programs:

  • A pilot project to increase capacity within the department. Working with the Communications Department and the college’s student services department, we’re embarking on a yearlong process to develop a self-help service model with the ultimate goal to increase efficiency, maintain brand consistency and encourage self-sufficiency.
  • A media relations campaign to retain and re-engage students that did not enroll due to the COVID-19 pandemic, citing financial hardship and other challenges. The campaign is designed to, among other things, highlight the myriad resources the Department of Student Services provides to support students.

The Outcome

Working with the Outreach Department as its pilot project, the Communications Department is well on its way to establish systems, procedures, templates and other tools that will ultimately be implemented to support all departments district-wide. The media relations campaign has reaped immediate results, including coverage and exposure week after week in print, radio, TV and online media.