As the region’s trusted philanthropic partner, San Diego Foundation works with partners and community to develop solutions to improve quality of life in our region. Since 2020, Mixte and San Diego Foundation have partnered to design a public relations strategy that uplifts positive stories from local nonprofit grantees.

Our Objectives

Mixte harnesses the power of media relations to position San Diego Foundation as a thought and community leader and showcase the foundation’s efforts to build more equitable and resilient communities.

Through powerful storytelling and the amplification of diverse voices, the Mixte team shines a spotlight on the people and organizations doing important work in the region by focusing on San Diego Foundation’s main strategic priorities: advance racial and social justice, foster equity of opportunity, build resilient communities and deliver world-class philanthropy.

The Outcome

The partnership continues to result in an ongoing surge of media placements in local and regional outlets that reach diverse communities in the region and share the impact of San Diego Foundation’s work.

As a result of the Mixte team’s media relations efforts, we’ve been able to establish ongoing relationships and secure more than 190 placements in English and Spanish-speaking media, specifically around its Community Scholarship Program; Workforce, Childcare & Change Report, LevelUp SD, Opening the Outdoors Program and regional affiliate programs.

Mixte and San Diego Foundation continue to focus on the organization’s main strategic priorities to build healthy, equitable and resilient communities across San Diego.